[ad_1] PM Modi visits Team India dressing room

Nov 21, 2023

PM Modi visits Team India dressing room


Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Indian cricket team's dressing room after the ODI World Cup final defeat against Australia in Ahmedabad on Sunday.

Image Source: Agencies

Virat Kohli

PM Modi met Indian captain Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli and asked them to smile and not lose heart after the defeat.

Image Source: Agencies

Rahul Dravid

PM Modi then met India coach Rahul Dravid and giving him a pat on the shoulder said, "you all worked hard."

Image Source: Agencies

Ravindra Jadeja

PM Modi then called out Ravindra Jadeja as "Babu" before patting his back and conversing in Gujarati.

Image Source: Agencies

Shubman Gill

PM Modi then met India opener Shubman Gill and shook hands.

Image Source: Agencies

Mohammed Shami

PM Modi then moved towards Mohammed Shami and said, "well played."

Image Source: Agencies


Not just that, PM Modi even embraced and patted the back of Shami, the highest wicket-taker of the tournament.

Image Source: Agencies

Jasprit Bumrah

PM Modi then met Jasprit Bumrah and asked if he can speak Gujarati, to which Bumrah replied "a little", invoking laughter from all present in the room.

Image Source: Agencies

KL Rahul

PM Modi then met KL Rahul saying, "you all worked hard, but it (defeat) happens."

Image Source: Agencies

PM Modi

Turning towards the team, PM Modi then asked the players to keep motivating each other saying he will meet the players in Delhi whenever they will be free, inviting them to come over.

Image Source: Agencies

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