[ad_1] The Rock's top 10 most formidable opponents of all time

Jan 5, 2024

The Rock's top 10 most formidable opponents of all time

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10. Randy Orton

The Rock's encounters with Randy Orton showcased the blending of generations and the evolution of WWE's top talent.

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9. Shawn Michaels

The Rock's interactions with Shawn Michaels, particularly during the Attitude Era, contributed to the era's high-energy and competitive atmosphere.

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8. Brock Lesnar

The Rock's showdown with the powerhouse Brock Lesnar resulted in Lesnar becoming the youngest WWE Champion at the time.

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7. Chris Jericho

A dynamic performer, Chris Jericho brought out the best in The Rock, leading to compelling matches and entertaining verbal sparring.

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6. The Undertaker

The Rock's encounters with The Undertaker, including a notable bout at King of the Ring 1999, added to his list of legendary opponents.

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5. Hulk Hogan

In a clash of generations, The Rock faced Hulk Hogan in a match at WrestleMania X8 that symbolized the passing of the torch.

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4. Mankind

The Rock's rivalry with Mankind, featuring brutal matches like the "I Quit" match, demonstrated both men's willingness to push the limits.


3. Kurt Angle

The Rock's matches against Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle showcased technical prowess and in-ring storytelling, adding depth to their feud.


2. Triple H

A longtime rival, Triple H engaged in intense battles with The Rock, contributing to the memorable storylines of the late '90s and early 2000s.

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1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock's epic clashes with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin defined the Attitude Era and produced some of WWE's most iconic moments.

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