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Jan 15, 2024

Top 10 longest survivors of Royal Rumble match

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10. Randy Orton - 58:30 (2021)

Orton's 2021 Royal Rumble performance, lasting 58 minutes and 30 seconds, might sound impressive, but his minimal involvement and elimination by Edge showcased a lackluster effort in the match.


9. Edge - 58:30 (2021)

Edge's second Royal Rumble victory in 2021, lasting nearly an hour, was unfortunately witnessed only virtually due to the pandemic, with the WWE Hall of Famer overcoming an unfavorable number one position.


8. Ric Flair - 59:26 (1992)

Flair's legendary 1992 Royal Rumble win, lasting 59 minutes and 26 seconds, showcased his fortitude in winning the vacant WWE Championship amid high-stakes competition, solidifying his legacy.

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7. Roman Reigns - 59:48 (2016)

Entering as entrant #1, Roman Reigns fought for nearly an hour in the 2016 Royal Rumble, losing his WWE Championship due to Triple H's interference and setting the stage for WrestleMania redemption.

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6. Chris Jericho - 60:13 (2017)

Chris Jericho's impressive 2017 Royal Rumble run, lasting over an hour, contributed to his record total Rumble time, and despite making it to the final four, he fell short of winning the championship shot at WrestleMania.

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5. Triple H - 60:16 (2006)

Triple H's epic 2006 Royal Rumble performance, lasting over an hour, featured six eliminations but ended without a world championship match victory, a minor setback in his illustrious career.

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4. Bob Backlund - 61:10 (1993)

Bob Backlund's record-setting 1993 Royal Rumble run, lasting 61 minutes and 10 seconds, marked a career rejuvenation, setting the stage for his WWE Championship win a year later.


3. Chris Benoit - 61:31 (2004)

Despite controversial history, Chris Benoit's 2004 Royal Rumble victory, lasting 61 minutes and 31 seconds, broke records and led to his subsequent World Heavyweight Championship triumph at WrestleMania.


2. Rey Mysterio - 62:12 (2006)

Rey Mysterio's underdog triumph in the 2006 Royal Rumble, lasting over an hour and eliminating giants like Triple H and Randy Orton, elevated him to the main event status and a subsequent World Heavyweight Championship win.

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1. Daniel Bryan - 76:05 (2018 Greatest Royal Rumble)

Daniel Bryan's controversial record-setting performance in the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble, lasting 76 minutes and 5 seconds, stirred debate due to the expanded participant count, with Braun Strowman emerging as the ultimate winner that night.


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