[ad_1] Top 10 NFL backup QB rankings in 2023

Jan 1, 2024

Top 10 NFL backup QB rankings in 2023

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10. Mitch Trubisky (Steelers)

Former Bears starter Trubisky's accuracy in tight situations may be a concern for a full-time role, but his athleticism and ability to move a supportive cast make him a reliable emergency option behind Kenny Pickett in Pittsburgh.

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9. Marcus Mariota (Eagles)

Mariota, while inconsistent through the air, benefits from strong ground support. His mobility and playoff experience could be valuable for the Eagles, especially in a lineup focused on running the ball.

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8. CJ Beathard (Jaguars)

As Trevor Lawrence's backup, Beathard has endured injury challenges but has shown promise. Praised for his vision by Kyle Shanahan, Beathard brings valuable experience as a seasoned No. 2 quarterback.

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7. Jameis Winston (Saints)

Winston's career has seen setbacks due to injuries and turnovers, but he possesses unteachable size and arm talent. When healthy and playing under Sean Payton, he has demonstrated the ability to lead a winning team.

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6. Tyrod Taylor (Giants)

Former Bills standout Taylor, despite recent struggles, offers serviceable skills and valuable experience. With 53 career starts and playoff experience, he provides a reliable option for the Giants in case of emergencies.

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5. Tyler Huntley (Ravens)

Huntley, an improbable Pro Bowl pick in 2022, has dual-threat traits and has proven capable of guiding a team to the playoffs. Despite a limited number of career games, his potential makes him a valuable asset for the Ravens.

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4. Teddy Bridgewater (Lions)

While no longer a full-time starter, Bridgewater has shown capability as a mid-term fill-in for playoff-caliber teams. His conservative style and past success, notably going 5-0 for the Saints in 2019, make him a dependable emergency option behind Jared Goff.

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3. Sam Darnold (49ers)

Despite inconsistency in his career, Darnold has demonstrated starting-caliber arm talent and pocket mobility. Winning the starting job over Trey Lance indicates his potential in a more QB-friendly system, making him a valuable asset for the 49ers.

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2. Jacoby Brissett (Commanders)

Brissett's history reveals a conservative style but a composed presence in emergency situations. While backing up Sam Howell, his experience could prove beneficial if the Commanders face challenges protecting their young quarterback.

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1. Andy Dalton (Panthers)

Dalton, a model for "just-good-enough" starting QBs, offers solid touch and a wealth of experience. With 162 career starts and five winning seasons, he is a reliable veteran No. 2 for the Panthers, providing a respected voice behind No. 1 pick Bryce Young.

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