Aussie spin maestro Nathan Lyon picks the next ‘Jacques Kallis’ of international cricket


In the illustrious tapestry of international cricket, certain players etch their names in history not just for their proficiency in one aspect of the game but for their mastery in both batting and bowling – they are the revered all-rounders. One such luminary was South African legend Jacques Kallis, whose colossal impact on the sport transcends generations.

The legacy of Jacques Kallis

Kallis donned the cricketing arena with an unparalleled blend of elegance and grit. His bat carved symphonies of runs across formats, while his ball hummed with precision, dismantling opposition lineups with finesse. His impact wasn’t merely statistical; it was the aura of reliability he exuded, often single-handedly shaping the course of matches with his versatile skill set.

In the contemporary realm of cricket, the quest for the next Kallis has spurred debates and discussions, with several modern-day all-rounders showcasing glimpses of his multifaceted brilliance. Among them stand the likes of Ben Stokes, Shakib Al Hasan, and Ravindra Jadeja, each a titan in their own right, wielding their bats and balls with equal potency on the international stage. Their ability to seamlessly transition between roles, turning the tide of matches, draws striking parallels to the South African maestro. However, it’s Nathan Lyon’s discerning eye and candid commentary that add a new dimension to this discourse.

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Nathan Lyon identifies the next Kallis

Lyon, a seasoned campaigner himself, having traversed the nuances of international cricket, recently bestowed a lofty comparison upon a young talent – Cameron Green. The towering Australian all-rounder, with his broad shoulders and formidable technique, has been earmarked by Lyon as the potential heir to Kallis’s throne, particularly in the pivotal position of number four.

Lyon’s endorsement of Green isn’t just a passing remark; it’s a testament to the burgeoning talent and the palpable impact he’s already made in domestic and international circuits. His firsthand experience of bowling to Green in Shield cricket underscored the challenges posed by the young prodigy, hinting at a temperament and technique reminiscent of the legendary Kallis.

“There is so much confidence in that change room around all the guys and not just Smithy batting at No.1 and Cameron at number four. I have had the challenge of bowling to Green in Shield cricket with him batting at No.4 and he has given me a lot of headaches. I actually enjoy seeing him bat at number four and I feel like he could be the next Jacques Kallis of international cricket at number four,” said Lyon as quoted by Perth Now.

Lyon was part of the recently-concluded second Test against West Indies at the Gabba in Brisbane where the hosts faced a dramatic defeat courtesy of Shamar Joseph‘s spell bounding performance.

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