Popular Cricket Bets Explained

A sports betting exchange is essentially a wager placed by two individuals. It is similar to placing a wager with a friend on which team will win. The other person is on the opposing side, and one person takes one side.

Outright (winner) bets

Outright Winner bets are betting options in which you get to pick the winner of a match, tournament, or series. By and large, Through and through Champ is regularly alluded to as match wagering. Outright Winner bets, for instance, require you to select which team will win a one-time Twenty20 match between Pakistan and Australia. This betting option is the easiest of all the cricket betting markets that are available. However, in order to make a reasonable prediction, you must conduct sufficient research on both teams.


With an increasing number of bettors opting for the market, handicaps have become commonplace in the cricket betting scene. In the betting option, the operator evens the odds by giving the underdog an advantage. In a nutshell, handicaps enable you to take advantage of higher odds in situations where they would not otherwise be competitive. An excellent illustration of this would be if Scotland were playing Oman and the latter scored 400 in their One Day International match.

Scotland will receive lower odds as a result, resulting in a smaller payout. However, you have the option of using a handicap of -30.5 runs to improve your odds. You still get great odds when you bet on your favorite team after the handicap. However, Scotland will need to overcome the disadvantage in order for you to win.

Over/Under Markets

When placing bets on various sporting events, such as the Cricket World Cup, you should also take into account the Over/Under sports betting market. Predicting a specific match\’s total number of wickets or runs is this betting option. The main decision you need to make is whether the sums will be higher or lower than a certain number.

Take, for instance, placing a wager on a Twenty20 match between Australia and Sri Lanka. The total number of runs that are likely to be made during the event could be listed as 295.5 by the operator. You can bet under 295.5 if you think that neither team will score that many runs. Your wager is successful after the match if both teams score 240 runs combined. However, you lose if the runs total 300.

First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

If you want to bet on an immediate outcome, the betting market known as First Ball or First Over is highly recommended. You can choose whether the first ball will be a wicket or a four with this betting market. Take into consideration a One-Day International (ODI) between England and the Netherlands. You can decide to predict whether the first ball will hit a six. You prevail if that is the case. However at that point, a few bookies can choose to be less unambiguous and permit you to wager on the First Finished or Under.

Innings Run

When betting on Innings, you need to figure out how many runs a team will score during the first inning of play. This option, in contrast to the majority of wagers, does not require you to specify the exact score; rather, it relies on your guess as to whether the number of runs will be greater than or equal to a predetermined number. Predict whether Ireland\’s innings run-rate will exceed 4.5, for instance, in a Twenty20 match between New Zealand and Ireland. Your wager is successful if the team scores 5 runs and you predict the over. Note that this is one of the most well-known markets at cricket wagering locales.

Player Bets

Player bets are betting markets that let you risk money on a specific player. In a nutshell, the Indian Premier League\’s Harshal Patel can be backed as the match\’s top bowler. To accurately predict these bets, you must conduct sufficient research, just like with other betting options. The good news, however, is that your research can concentrate on a single player rather than the entire team.

Some of the markets revolving around player bets include:

  • Top bowler
  • Man of the match
  • Bowler bet – Most wickets
  • Batsman bet – Most runs

Team Bets

Group wagers are immediate contrary energies of player wagers. With them, you don\’t pay attention to any one person but the entire team. You can choose to gamble on Outright Winner, for instance, during a One Day International match between England and South Africa. You will prevail if South Africa wins the match and scores more runs.

Other examples of team bets include:

  • Series score
  • Team of top batsman
  • Series winner
  • Win toss

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