Rohit Sharma brutally slams critics of Indian pitches following conclusion of shortest Test match in South Africa


As the dust settled at Newlands following the exhilarating second Test of India’s tour to South Africa, one couldn’t help but be captivated by the sheer drama that unfolded on the pitch. The Newlands surface, initially appearing benign, revealed its deceptive nature as a whopping 23 wickets tumbled on the very first day of action, ultimately causing the game to end in less than two days. Notably, the guests emerged triumphant, clinching a seven-wicket victory over the Dean Elgar-led side.

However, the real fireworks ignited off the pitch as Indian skipper Rohit Sharma took centre stage. In a no-holds-barred critique, Sharma’s words injected excitement into the debates surrounding Indian pitch conditions.

‘You come here to challenge yourself’: Rohit Sharma on playing in South Africa

Rohit boldly declared his acceptance of challenging pitches, asserting his readiness to face such conditions. With unapologetic enthusiasm, the latter then aimed a verbal barrage at critics who had dared to question the quality of pitches used in the recently concluded ODI World Cup 2023, which was played in India.

“I don’t mind being on pitches like this as long as everyone keeps their mouth shut in India and no one is talking about the pitches there,” Rohit said Thursday after the match. Yes, it is dangerous, but you come here (South Africa) to challenge yourself, and you must face up to it,” Rohit said in the post-match press conference.

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Rohit’s unapologetic stand on Newlands pitch and criticism of Indian pitches

Adopting an assertive stance called for impartiality in pitch assessments, particularly emphasizing the role of match referees. Expressing disbelief in the World Cup 2023 final pitch being rated below standard, he urged a fair evaluation based on performance rather than preconceived notions about countries. The right-handed openers’ aggressive tone demanded a shift in the approach to pitch ratings, focusing on objective observations and eliminating biases.

“When it turns on day one in India, people say, ‘Oh, there is a puff of dust’. We need to stay neutral, especially match referees. I would love to see how the pitches are rated. I still can’t believe the World Cup final pitch was rated below standard. A player got a hundred there. They must rate pitches based on what they see, not based on countries,” the 36-year-old added.

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