Sania Mirza’s family reacts to Shoaib Malik’s marriage with Sana Javed; issues official statement


The cricketing world was recently set abuzz by the unexpected marriage of veteran Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik to actress Sana Javed. This development took place amidst rumours and reports surrounding Shoaib’s separation from his second wife and Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza.

In the wake of Shoaib’s recent marriage to Sana, inquiries emerged regarding his relationship status with Sania, as the couple had not officially announced a divorce. However, shortly after Shoaib disclosed his union with Sana, Sania’s father clarified that his daughter has already sought a ‘Khula’ from the Pakistani all-rounder.

It is noteworthy that Sania and Shoaib entered into matrimony on April 12, 2010, and their family expanded in 2018 with the birth of their son.

Amidst escalating speculations and rumours, Sania’s family has now broken their silence and issued an official statement regarding the situation through an Instagram post by Sania’s sister, Anam Mirza.

The official statement from Sania Mirza’s family

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Anam shared the family’s perspective on the matter, shedding light on the recent developments in Sania and Shoaib’s personal lives. The statement not only confirmed the separation but also conveyed Sania’s good wishes for Shoaib’s future endeavours.

“Sania has always kept her personal life away from the public eyes. However, today the need has arisen for her to share that Shoaib and she have been divorced for a few months now. She wishes Shoaib well for his new journey ahead,” wrote Sania’s sister.

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Urge to respect privacy

Amidst the sensational nature of the news, Sania’s family, through the official statement, also urged the public and media to respect their need for privacy during this sensitive period. Anam emphasized the family’s decision to refrain from indulging in any speculation.

“At this sensitive period of her life, we would like to refrain from indulging in any speculation and to respect her need for privacy,” added Anam in the statement.

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