Sunil Gavaskar explains why England’s bazball has a chance for success in India – IND vs ENG 2024


England have infused their Test cricket with a renewed vigor, courtesy of the dynamic approach adopted under the captaincy of Ben Stokes and the coaching expertise of Brendon McCullum. This transformation has witnessed the English team embracing a fearless style of play, unburdened by the fear of failure.

Bazball’s triumphs and challenges

Aptly termed bazball, this strategy has allowed England to play with a liberated spirit, making bold decisions even in the most challenging situations. Since Stokes assumed the captain’s role, England have triumphed in 13 out of 18 Tests, achieving notable successes such as a Test series win in Pakistan and a remarkable comeback to level the Ashes 2023 series against Australia after being 0-2 down. Despite these achievements, the upcoming five-match Test series against India poses an unparalleled challenge. No visiting team has secured a Test series victory in India since Alastair Cook‘s side achieved this feat in 2012-13.

Sunil Gavaskar outlines reasons for bazball’s potential success in India

As the English team gears up for this formidable test, cricket experts anticipate a stern examination of the Bazball approach in the Indian subcontinent. Sunil Gavaskar, in a prelude to the first test in Hyderabad on January 25, acknowledged the potential efficacy of Bazball in Indian conditions. He highlighted the smaller boundaries and advancements in bat technology as factors that could play into England’s aggressive style of play.

“It can work in India, it can. If you look at it, the boundaries have become smaller in the last few years. The bats have become better and better and even mishits are flying over the boundary,” Gavaskar said to Star Sports.

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Strategic approach against Indian spinners

Gavaskar also offered insights into England’s potential strategy against Indian spinners. Expecting the English batters to adopt an attacking mindset, Gavaskar drew parallels to the aggressive intent showcased by bowlers in T20 cricket.

“I think the England batters will try to attack the spinners out of the game. They will try to hit them into the stands. Yes, they might get dismissed in the process, but you create a mentality. Our spinners also play a lot of T20 cricket. What’s your mentality in T20 cricket, there it’s okay if you don’t pick up wickets, but you are careful not to concede sixes or boundaries. Your flight and line, you tend to change it. Even in Test cricket if you are attacked at the start of your spell, if you concede a couple of sixes, there is a possibility that our spinners might try to reduce the flight and change the lines and lengths,” the 75-year-old added.

Toss significance and pitch dynamics

The renowned cricket pundit emphasized the significance of winning the toss and opting to bat first on a potentially batter-friendly pitch in Hyderabad. This, according to Gavaskar, could provide England with a favorable opportunity to assert their Bazball approach and make a significant impact in the series.

“We have to see how the pitch plays out in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, the pitch often tends to be good for the batters. There is a bit of pace and bounce. It will be a very interesting test for Bazball against our spinners,” the Mumbai-born cricketer concluded.

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